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Flagstaff Celiac Support Group

Meetings: The third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. Meetings are usually held at the Flagstaff Medical Center (east campus) cafeteria on the first floor of the main hospital. Go in the entrance next to the cafeteria and look for the group in the seating area to the left.

Meeting Recap: Bill came to the meeting looking for information to help him eliminate gluten from his diet. He said he did not have celiac disease but had started eliminating wheat from his diet and found that he was feeling better. He was advised that the first step is to read the labels on the foods that he buys. Recent FDA regulations require food products to list common allergens on their labels but there are still products on the grocery store shelves that do not comply. Jeanette and Brenda told him that Fry's, Natural Grocers, and Sprouts as well as New Frontiers/Whole Foods had a variety of gluten-free products. Brenda mentioned that there were a lot of gluten-free mixes available such as the Pamela's mixes (cakes, cookies, brownies) and Bob's Red Mill gluten-free pizza crust. She also mentioned that there were a number of gluten-free all-purpose flour mixes (Artisan Flour Mix and Bob's Red Mill, to name just two).

Bill asked about bread. Brenda and Tom like the Udi's two-pound loaf as well as Essential Baking multigrain bread, both of which they get at Costco. Jeanette said that she liked the Canyon Bakehouse multigrain bread that she gets at Natural Grocers. There's also Genius Gluten Free bread available at Natural Grocers.

What about breakfast foods? Brenda and Jeanette said there are a lot of gluten free options for breakfast foods such as several flavors of Rice Chex. There are gluten-free corn flakes but not all corn flakes are gluten-free. Jeanette likes a cinnamon-flavored cereal by Van's, who also make gluten-free toaster waffles. There is gluten-free oatmeal. There are several brands that sell gluten-free cinnamon raisin bread (Rudi's, Canyon Bakehouse, Udi's).

Tom mentioned that Progresso Soups has a number of gluten-free soups. Don said there are several gluten-free beers but his favorite is Omssion, sold at Sprouts.

The discussion turned to sauces and oils. Tom said that Tamari sauces are gluten-free. Brenda said that Olives Wild, the store next to Bookman's, has many flavors of olive oil as well as a variety of vinegars. She uses the blood orange flavor of oil in baking. Don said he liked Colavita Olive Oil.

Brenda shared an easy recipe for Tater Tot Soup with the group.

Jeanette reported that she had confirmation from the representative at New Frontiers/Whole Foods that Whole Foods would be carrying a larger selection of gluten-free foods than New Frontiers had. The representative said that the store should be fully stocked by September and offered to host our meeting there and talked about their expanded offerings.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be August 21.