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Flagstaff Celiac Support Group

Meetings: The third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. Meetings are usually held at the Flagstaff Medical Center (east campus) cafeteria on the first floor of the main hospital. Go in the entrance next to the cafeteria and look for the group in the seating area to the left.

Meeting Recap: Jeanette shared information from a New York Times article titled "Can Celiac Disease Affect the Brain?" The article describes several instances where neurological or psychiatric symptoms did not respond to traditional treatment and the individuals had some indication of celiac disease, the patients recovered when placed on a gluten-free diet. Quite an interesting article.

Jeanette also wanted to call everyone's attention to an article in the Flagstaff Business News about a new Vietnamese restaurant in town. It's called Street Side Saigon and it located at 121 S. San Francisco Street. One of our members reported that almost everything on the menu is gluten-free. She said it is very affordable and the staff is very knowledgable.

Melanie said she just returned from a trip to Washington state and found it very challenging to find gluten-free food. The restaurants where she went didn't have many or any options and she felt like she got a lot of blank looks or eye rolling when she asked for gluten-free. She also discovered that she had to be more assertive when ordering. Jeanette mentioned that Go Picnics are good for travel and another member, Tom, often takes boiled eggs when he travels.Melanie said she did find some Franz gluten-free bread on her trip that was quite good. It's made in Portland, Oregon.

Jeanette said she was trying to plan a brunch menu and had come across a recipe for egg muffins which looked promising once she finds lactose-free cottage cheese and substitutes lactose-free cheese in the recipe. Brenda said making casserole-type dishes in muffin tins is quite popular right now for "people on the go."

Tom said he frequently makes fritattas and uses gluten-free hash brown potatoes to make a crust in the bottom and sides of the skillet.

Melanie commented that she had found a large selection of gluten-free foods at Whole Foods but they were pricey. Brenda noted that Albertsons different gluten-free products than the other stores. Some are concentrated in one area but most are located throughout the store.

Brenda reported that she had a bad experience at The McMillan. She was assured twice that the item she ordered was gluten-free, but it made her sick.

The group was reminded that Costco has the large Udi's sandwich bread. Brenda said that Sprout's has a really good Udi's "everything" bagel in their cold storage area. She also noted that the Natural Grocer's brand of gluten-free pasta was very good. Brenda also mentioned a good gluten-free restaurant in Phoenix called Luci's Healthy Marketplace at 1590 E Bethany Home Rd.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be November 20.